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Ama's Ramblings

...listen to your heart...

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... Hi! My name is Amanda. I mostly go by "Ama". I'll also respond to "Llama" (get it? "Little Ama"? Eh? :P)

Mental Disorders Include: PTSD and possible Bipolar II (they aren't sure on that one yet.)

I am... enthusiastic, passionate, loyal, affectionate, quick-witted, imaginative, insightful, a great listener, understanding, creative, sensitive, quirky, outspoken, bubbly, caring, romantic, spontaneous, approachable, self-aware, sensible, honest, forgiving, socially conscious, determined, positive, communicative, lively, spunky, bright and unique.

I am also... an escapist, lazy, selfish, self-centered, jealous, self-destructive, gullible, stubborn, short-tempered, proud, disorganized, defensive, messy, idealistic, bratty, anxious, secretive, someone who dwells on the past, someone with a hidden dark side, exaggerating, forgetful, scatterbrained, klutzy, sarcastic, broken, shy, spoiled, talkative, flighty and restless.

I'm a girl with a lot of dreams, big and small... and I love to make friends. I have strong beliefs, and I love writing.

(Some Of) My Biggest Passions Are... writing; people; positivity; beautiful things; individuality; passion; creativity; understanding; compassion; hope; self-expression; romance; analyzing things (conceptually); the outdoors & nature; giving things to people; spontaneity and much, much more.