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The "You Are Beautiful!" Survey

  1. Give Me Five Reasons Why You’d Think People Would Admire You: I am strong; I am honest; I am perceptive; I am kind-hearted and I’m a decent writer.  
  1. What Is The Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received (That You Can Remember?): From an email: “You were, or, are, the single greatest pillar of strength that I have ever known. So much happens/happened to you, and you shrug it off instead of moping and changing completely like any other teenager, you were not entirely crushed … You know that streak of independance you have? Well, while I seem to be dependant on people to FIX me, you are more content to go out and fix yourself. That is a quality I will always admire. You aren't afraid to take steps out into the dark, because you know you're getting somewhere. So few people in this world have the willpower and guts to do that. You are someone who ANYONE could talk to, no matter what mood they are in … You are extremely charismatic, and it's sometimes a little amusing if you don't realise it.”
  1. People May Call You Many Things, But They Are Not Going To Call You…: Average. (Unfortunately.)
  1. Give Me Ten Personality Traits You Like About Yourself: I am passionate; I am sweet; I love challenges; I am steadfast and loyal, a friend until the end of time; I have no patience for that “I need you more than you will ever know” crap – I’ll just write you a letter or tell you; I am good with kids; I am sensitive; I am kind; I believe in people and I am funny.
  1. What Makes You Feel Most Connected To Yourself?: Being outside at night; connecting with others; standing up for my beliefs and other people; being with my cat; certain books, movies, scents and songs; going for long walks; making up characters for stories;
  1. What Are Five Things That Make You An Individual Unlike Anyone Else?: All of my quirks!; my strange, unusual, strong connections to specific people who have entered my life over the years; my ability to sense the emotions of others without even looking at them (especially those specific people mentioned previously); my point of view and my courage.
  1. What Do You Think Would Make The World A Better Place?: More understanding and compassion.
  1. What Is Something That Inspires You?: A stormy sky.
  1. Name One Of Your Heroines Or Heroes And Tell Me At Least Five Things You Have In Common With Them (Or More!): Rapunzel from Tangled! We are both: talkative, romantic, sarcastic, and very creative Manic Pixie Dream Girls. We are insightful and idealistic and optimistic. We are both very adventurous and curious and kind-hearted. We are both sweet, though a bit sheltered and naïve. We both believe in redeeming others, when we can. We are willing to risk our lives and happiness for the ones whom we love, don’t make it a habit to break a promise, and crave freedom and possibilities. We both feel guilt rather easily. We both certainly have a lot of energy and a strong focus on our dreams!
  1. What Kind Of Clothes Do You Feel Most Attractive In?: Red shirts with black pants; my swift hair combs; scoop-neck shirts; short dresses with thick waist belts; gold hoop earrings; my red rose earrings; pale blue flare jeans with no rips; thigh high socks; Princess sleeves and my boots :) (Obviously, not all at the same time! XD)
  1. What Is Your Most Beautiful Dream Or Goal?: I have a lot, but I guess the most, most, MOST beautiful one would be to fearlessly unite the light and darkness in my heart, and help others to do the same.
  1. List Five Things You Are Good At: Making up melodies; giving advice; helping people gain a good perspective / catharsis using creative, expressive and upbeat means; finding something beautiful and powerful in something simple and mowing the lawn. (One of these things is not like the others :P)
  1. You Feel Drawn To People Who Are…: Emotionally stable, down-to-earth, trustworthy and confident! (The opposite of myself, save for the trustworthy and – generally - emotionally stable.)
  1. What Times Do You Feel Like You Are Beautiful Or Handsome? (You Can Give More Than One Answer Here!): When I am looked up to by those who I have taken under my wing; when I’m flirting and the guy is flirting back; when I’ve just discovered something new about myself, or developed a new value; when I’m by a fire; when I feel confident; when I feel inspired; when I’m making people smile.
  1. What Are The Truest Good Qualities Of Your Heart; The Best Parts Of Your Inner Nature?: I am unafraid of the bigness of my own personality, or the darkness in myself or others (which I seek to understand, accept, tame, unite and claim as nothing more than a part of myself / them.) I am passionate in a way that some are not (admittedly, this is overwhelming). My compassion extends even to those who have wronged me. I seek and discover beauty and “the bright side” where some would not. I try to understand people instead of condemning them. I can connect to others in a very unique, intuitive way. I have no patience for walls and barriers in relationships. I want to protect anything or anyone that is innocent, pure or vulnerable. I find all negative emotions to be “sad”, and strive to help others conquer them / protect others from them. I like to improve myself as much as I can, though I can be stubborn about it.
  1. How Do You Imagine Your Soul Being Like?: There is a bouncy, springy, joyful, anxious, sickeningly sweet, bright orange and yellow daisy thing that I recognize as my soul.
  1. What Is One Conviction You Will Never Give Up On?: I’m not going to change myself just to impress a boy!
  1. What Is Something You’d Like To Try?: Cherry green tea!
  1. What Is It That Gives You The Most Hope?: Whenever my friends tell me that they love me and why they do. It makes me feel like I am worth something.
  1. Use Ten Affirmative Keywords To Describe Yourself: Soul-searching; excitable; spiritual; fiery; insightful; outspoken; inspirational; playful; imaginative and beauty-seeking.
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