dclawed2 (dclawed2) wrote,

R.I.P. Little One

Today at around 9:30 AM, we put down Little One.

She's been really bad lately. Multiple times, my Mom or I have found her in the middle of the kitchen, hardly able to stand, let alone walk. She stopped eating, though I figured out a way to help her to drink: put ice cubes in her bowl. (Can't say that all my family isn't quirky, can I?) She was so, so thin... we called the Vet a few days ago. We all prepared in our own way, but I still cried. I wore my "thinking cap" - the blue "Kewl" hat that I used to (and sometimes still do) bunch my hair up under while I was writing a story at the desk with Little One beside me.

I've been telling Ashley for days that she was supposed to let Little One alone for once, as it was her last few days on Earth, and Ashley didn't terrorize Lit at all. They were even in the same room a few times and everything was fine.

Mom wanted me to sing to Lit as she was dying, and it was really hard. I couldn't finish the song past the lump in my throat. But Lit responded like she always does when I sing just for her: head up, looking at me, purring.

This is the song that I tried to sing. I got to "Bright Blue Endless Sky" before breaking down.

Little One, WE LOVE YOU.
Tags: a visit to the doctor, death, family, life experiences, love, pain is pain is pain, pets: ashleigh, pets: little one, pets: theo, r.i.p., raw and vulnerable, sad and pathetic
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