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The Most Amanda... (Survey!)

...The Most Ama...
Smell: Strawberries.
Touch: Denim.
Sound: My voice.
Taste: Ice tea.
Sight: A forest in the middle of a storm.
Colour: Orange.
Animal: Woodchucks.
Flower: Yellow daisies.
Song: "I'm Gonna Fly" by Sydney Forest or "Beauty" by Shaye.
Element: Air.
Pattern: Polka dots.
Relationship Style: Quirky, unique, unlikely, life-changing and deep.
Dream: A big house full of borders; uniting the dark & light within myself, & help others do the same; identifying with people from all walks of life; make sure that no one is ever alone again.
Passion: "The Little Things" in life; understanding & new ideas.
Wisdom: Do not be afraid of your darkness or the darkness of others - when you confront it, you're getting somewhere.
Strength: Identifying with others.
Contradiction: Passionate yet reserved.
Comfort: Drinking a french vanilla cappucino!
Natural Thing: Bare, young tree branches.
Human Creation: Stories.
Way To Accept Someone: Ask them questions & tell them my dreams.
Expression of Love: Hugs and love letters (testimonials.)
Humour: Whimsical, sarcastic and quick-witted.
Perspective: "On the bright side..."; Relationships are frikkin' weird. For each one, there is a new set of rules, new ways to see & be seen. No two are alike - no person is the same from oen relationship to the next. They create, move, destroy & rebuild you. Life is a jumble of these imperfect loves, hates & indifferences. Love can be pre-existing, having no beginning even if it ends, or it can be built from scratch, or it can rise from hate. The meaning of life is these relationships.; "Only I can fix this. No one else is going to help me."; "And if I can make just one life better, bring a smile to your face when you're under the weather, then I'm feelin' like I've finally found my home, plant the seeds and watch them grow!"
Tags: a girl speaking her truth, amandatory analysis, i look within, inner strength, insight, inspiration, stuff, survey, surveys
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